There have been many benefits to using Codio at WSU. 

The main reasons we originally chose Codio were:

  • The ability to configure environments of any complexity that can be accessed as easily at home on their own PCs as on a lab PC
  • Auto graded questions and auto graded code assessments
  • Manual grading of project assignments
  • Ability to instantly access student code whenever required
  • Each assignment is a full-powered VM that can be configured with any programming language, database, component etc. even providing sudo level privileges
  • Knowing that all students would start each assignment with the exact same configuration, no matter how complex
  • Being web based, we didn’t have to act as support staff for students’ own laptops and this allows us to spend more time teaching

Codio has delivered on all of these expectations and been highly satisfactory in operation.

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About WSU, Erik Buck & Mateen Rizki

The WSU faculty, consisting of 27 professors and lecturers, delivers Bachelors (600 students), Masters (300) and PhD (70) Computer Science programs. We also deliver CS courses to approximately 600 non CS majors. WSU also runs research programs with around $3m of annual funding. 

The two faculty members who have been leading the adoption of Codio here at WSU are:

  • Professor Mateen Rizki, Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Prof. Rizki is actively engaged in research in the fields of pattern recognition and bio-informatics. He teaches several programming courses at various levels.
  • Erik Buck, Instructor, has had a long career in industry, much of that time active in the aerospace sector. Erik has also authored several popular books, including Cocoa Design Patterns and Learning OpenGL ES for iOS: A Hands-on Guide to Modern 3D Graphics Programming.

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Mateen Rizki, Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The killer combination of a VM with an integrated IDE and class monitoring tools means we no longer require students to keep a work journal to document their project assignment. With Codio, we have instant access to student VMs and code. The time saving for students and faculty is huge.”

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