Unlimited access to all enhanced textbooks (including the ability to download the full text as a PDF!) 

A full syllabus for a semester long course including all modules and teaching units mapped to the original text (plus the ability to “custom” create your syllabus from the text)

Set up of your Codio organization and classroom with the default teaching syllabus mapped and allocated to the class (all you need do is invite students!)

All assessments and interactive elements are presented within the Codio IDE and auto-gradable

Supplementary practical labs, auto-graded where relevant

Instructor and student dashboards of progress / completion

Ability to use LTI to integrate your Codio class with your institution’s LMS

Full 9am-6pm free technical support across all US time zones

On-boarding support

Full use of Codio project workspaces (Ubuntu VMs in the cloud with the Codio IDE attached, including sudo rights and instant access to student code) for project work

We make no incremental charge for the textbook or syllabus—meaning all you pay is the cost per student. 

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"The VM technology, integrated IDE, and class monitoring tools are a killer combination. The time savings for students and faculty are huge."

Mateen Rizki

Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University