Product Update: IP Consent Form

By Freddy May on Oct 9, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Many institutions have requested an IP consent form that students are required to sign in order to use Codio. We have now released support for this with the following features.

  • Custom consent text
  • Create new versions of your form at any time
  • Review older versions
  • Download CSV containing student list and which version of the form they consented to

This also works if you decide to introduce IP consent after students have already started using Codio.

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Product Update: Improved stack management for course units

By Freddy May on Oct 6, 2017 2:30:00 PM

In the past, if you made a change to the stack of a course unit, it required complex navigation to update the stack that the unit points to as well as then having to point your project to that new stack.

We have now released a new feature that is integrated with the publishing of a unit. You are asked whether you have made stack changes. If you have, then you can create either a new stack or a new stack version from the publish screen. You are also asked if you want to update the unit project to point to the newly created stack.

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Product Update: Course Units

By Freddy May on Oct 4, 2017 10:15:00 AM

We have introduced a new and simplified way to handle course creation. In the past, you created a project in your projects list and then worked on the content within it. Large courses ended up with a lot of projects in the list that belong to course units.

To solve this, rather than work in the projects area, you now create and access your unit projects from with the courses area itself. As well as reducing the number of projects in your projects list, this also makes finding your project much easier as it is nicely located with the course module.

The new unit management introduces the concept of a publish step. This takes a snapshot of the project that becomes the latest version of that unit. With the publish snapshot taken, you are free to modify the underlying project without updating the published unit until you are ready to republish.

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Product Update: Books

By Freddy May on Oct 2, 2017 5:00:00 PM

The most significant new feature of the last 6 months is Codio Books. Until now, when you created your course materials, each course unit was its own Codio project. Switching between units required the new unit to be loaded, which can take several seconds. This is annoying when you want to reference learning materials and earlier assessments. When revising materials, this is especially annoying as the reloads become very irritating.

As a result, we created Codio Books. The vastly improved table of contents allows you to create very large bodies of content, divided up into chapters, sections and pages, nestable to any level. All of this content lives within a single Codio project, so students are free to switch between any part of the course without reloads.

When you create your course units, you can now also map a unit to any part of a book that you like. Students can, at your option, be restricted to the book content mapped to the unit, or you can allow them access to the fun book.

Feature summary

  • Sophisticated table of contents
  • Multi select and drag and drop of table of contents elements
  • Nesting of sections and pages to any level
  • Content search
  • Map any part of a book to a course unit
  • Publish as a standalone book (without unit mapping)


For more information on books see Full Documentation

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Product Update: Upgrade course for a class

By Freddy May on Oct 2, 2017 3:47:11 PM

We have added a new button in the class that allows you to pull in all changes to all units for a course with a single button click.

Codio scans the class units and compares them with the published versions of the course. Where there are newer versions in the course, it presents a list of those units to you. You can then specify which units you wish to update in your class.

Codio manages the updating process so that, wherever possible, units that have already been started by students do not result in work being lost.

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