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New Codio curriculum maps to the K-12 CS Framework

By Freddy May on Nov 22, 2016 10:56:30 AM


Codio's new K12 CS-mapped curriculum:

Back in July 2016, we announced our partnership with the CSTA giving teachers across the USA free access to the Codio platform for professional development purposes. We are now delighted to make another major announcement.

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Professional Development: Structured choice = happy [engaged, productive, inspired] student

By Eliza Griscom on Nov 3, 2016 1:14:45 PM

 How’s this for a thought?  The more choice one offers their students, the happier their students are. Infusing student choice into one’s classroom is something educators have long discussed, and one key element is also being sure to structure those choices so they also always work for YOU, the teacher, as well.

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Using Codio in your Blended Learning Classroom

By Eliza Griscom on Oct 28, 2016 2:17:50 PM

Blended learning classes combine a mix face-to-face and web-based instruction, where 30%-70% of the instruction is delivered fully online

Topics: K12 CSTA
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Professional Development: How to learn Java, Python, JS, Blockly and more with Codio

By Eliza Griscom on Oct 21, 2016 2:59:59 PM

Trying to stay a few steps ahead of your students in your computer classroom?  

Do they seem to be one step ahead of you when talking about coding? Come learn a language --- on us-- and don’t worry about any software installations or conflicts with the computing devices used in your classroom- we’ve got your covered!



Codio offers CS teachers free access to our open source course material for your own professional development.

Our web-based IDE or integrated development environment allows you to forget about the headaches of downloading SDKs and troubleshooting things like .jar files for installation on your computing device, whatever it may be-- Mac or PC or Android.No more installing on a local machine and hoping it behaves!

Our platform lets you learn about -- and program in -- many different languages and have large amounts of space on our Ubuntu server for storing and sharing your projects.

No more running out of disc space either. It’s ON US!

Check out Codio for your own professional development-- and learn to stay one step ahead of your students- by working through our open source courses on Java, Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS and more!



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Five Python Coding Challenges For You and Your Students

By Thomas Smith on Oct 11, 2016 3:44:57 PM

Teaching Computer Science can be difficult, especially if it’s not your first subject and you have little, if any programming experience.
This also makes the task of conceiving ideas to allow your students to develop their skills difficult. In an effort to help you, I have collated five “coding challenges” that you can offer to your students. They are suitable for those learning to program for the first time.

Did you know? These challenges are available right now on Codio. With a Codio subscription (or free trial), you can take advantage of our classroom management features and share these challenges with your students quickly and easily. As a teacher you will also get to see a solution to each challenge and recommendations for extension tasks.

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